Elena Agozzino (grade six  teacher, Immersion)

HonorΘ Mercier School





Book Reviews



…      To expose students to a variety of book reviews by examining different media (newspaper, online reviews, T.V., magazines)

…      To identify common features and ingredients of different genres

…      To develop critical skills for evaluation

…      To apply the critical skills in the reviewing of books read





…      Students are supplied with a variety of reading material

…      Students report orally on the different elements of what they are reading (mysteries, fantasies, non-fiction etc)

…      Students keep a Response Journal

…      Students will review a book that they have read (choosing a format that they have explored)

…      Students will use Microsoft Word to print their reviews

…      Students can go online to import pictures

…      Students can use various graphics programs for their cover page  (Printshop, Microsoft Publisher, Printmaster)

…      Reviews should be displayed in the library




…      Form a reading club where students meet and discuss their books.

…      Throughout the year club members can make informed recommendations to the other classes by writing a newsletter to the other grade levels

…      Students can re-design book jackets and display these in the library

…      Students can submit their reviews online.