Elena Agozzino (grade six  teacher, Immersion)

Honoré Mercier School




Year Review Newspaper




·      To explore different newspaper formats

·      To develop interviewing skills

·      To create a class newspaper using Microsoft Word




·      Students familiarized themselves with a variety of newspapers:  The Gazette, Hebdo St. Léonard, The National Post

·      Students planned an appropriate layout for their project

·      Students chose the content of the newspaper (highlights of their year)

·      Distribution of tasks – interviewing, gathering of materials including pictures of events they had participated in.

·      Interviewers produced their questions

·      Students conducted the interviews

·      Reporters sat down to compose their articles 

·      Meetings were held with the teacher to discuss the final product

·      Articles were written up on Microsoft Word

·      Pictures were scanned and included in the newspaper

·      Newspaper was published



·      Form a newspaper club in September where activities are recorded and notes are taken.

·      Throughout the year club members rotate the duties.

·      Perhaps have two issues of the newspaper, one at Christmas and one at the end of the year, in order to eliminate bulk and to have more of the activities reported on.

·      Visit the Gazette and talk to reporters

·      Invite local newspaper writers to work with students.



·      http://www.emsb.qc.ca/stdorothy/NEWS.HTML/news2index.htm

·      http://www.kidnews.com//submit.html