Patrizia Ciccarelli (grade 5 teacher English component of Immersion Program)

Honore Mercier School

English Montreal School Board



Power Point Presentation of Poetry on Food, Grade 5

( with animation, pictures, and recording of their voices)



·      Students will learn to use Microsoft Power Point.


·      They will demonstrate their knowledge of Power Point by creating a presentation of their food poems, which they will enhance with pictures, animation, and recording of their voices.



·      Children were introduced to writing about food, and considered how Shakespeare made reference to food in his plays. This was an extension of a unit of study on the plays of Shakespeare.


·      They were asked to think about and visualize in their mind foods that were fun to look at, fun to eat and play with. Or the total opposite, awful to look at,  eat, or play with.


·      We brainstormed a list of adjectives, verbs and adverbs to use in their poems.


·       They began writing 3 stanza poems, speaking directly to the food they chose, keeping in mind Jack Prelutsky's poem Spaghetti! Spaghetti! (Refer to Jacqueline Sweeney ‘s 50 Fantastic Poems With Wonderful Writing Prompts,   available  from Scholastics.)


·      Once their poems were complete and were proof-read, edited and recopied, we were ready to learn how to put them on Power Point.


·      The first two sessions at the computer lab were used to teach, step by step, the mechanics of PowerPoint. Students learned how to use a template for presentation designs, auto layout and how to custom animate with effects and sound.


·      In the third session, students reviewed what was previously learned and were introduced to adding pictures from clipart, and use Word Art into their presentations. During this session students were also taught how to record their voices for presentations. They proceeded to create a practice presentation of two or three slides.


·      During the remaining sessions students proceeded to put their food poems on Power Point.




·      To learn the mechanics of Power Point, it is easier to pair the students, so they can help each other. The practice presentation was a joint effort from the student pairs. They had a good time putting it together.


·      When it is time to actually prepare the Power Point presentation of their food poems, it is most beneficial to work with half the class at a time so everyone can work on their own computer.





The following is a site some of the students went on for free clipart.



The following links are sites on the use of Power point in the classroom, hands-on exercises and reference page for Microsoft Power Point.







·      Students can scan the pictures they drew as title pages for their food poems and include them in their power point presentations.