Honoré Mercier School – GrassRoots Themes

Project Title:  Cross-Curricular Integration of ICT


Sites for projects:


Ø    For Story Illustration, reading online interactive books, sample and ideas on how to write book reviews…

·      The Bookhive: http://www.bookhive.org/bookhive.htm

·      Interactive Reading site (from the Digital Library – click on: Topsy -Turvey Tale http://www.storyplace.org/eel/eel.asp) 

You will need to download the plug-in Flash, but the site gives clear instructions so no worries… Story – The Three Critters: http://www.storyplace.org/eel/activities/threelilcritters.asp

·      On-line Dictionaries & Language Resources http://www.emsb.qc.ca/stdorothy/STDPROJS/helpful/langhelp.htm



Ø    Kids’ Writing online http://www.kidnews.com/creative.html

·      Students can submit stories: Very easy to use. They can write them in a word processing program and “copy/paste” them into the form online. http://www.kidnews.com//submit.html

Ø    FSL/Immersion

·      Portes Françaises – links to all sorts of sites


Ø    Art Galleries:

·      Ask Jeeves for Kids  results on Art Gallerie – You have a list of Museums that are online and show paintings on the web.

Ø    Poems:

·      Ask Jeeves for Kids  results on Poems – GREAT STUFF!!! http://www.ajkids.com/kidsaskjeeves.asp?ask=poems&qSource=0&origin=0&metasearch=yes

·      Submitting poetry online and seeing other kids’ stuff http://www.poetryzone.ndirect.co.uk/content.htm


Ø    School Newspaper

·      St. Dorothy Newspaper from 1999 – as an example


Ø    Charlotte’s Web

·      Yahooligans! Charlotte’s Web http://search.yahooligans.com/search/ligans?p=charlotte%27s+web&hs

·      Charlotte's Web http://www2.lhric.org/pocantico/charlotte/index.htm

Charlotte's Web Trivia Crossword Puzzles - http://www2.lhric.org/pocantico/charlotte/puzzles.htm


Ø    Online Book Reviews

·      The Bookhive (click on New Reviews or any of the categories listed on the side of the page): http://www.bookhive.org/bookhive.htm


Ø    AMAZING RESOURCE!!! Technology Tutorials found on the Web http://www.internet4classrooms.com/on-line2.htm

·      Includes tutorials on:

·      Claris HomePage |

·      AppleWorks |

·      FrontPage |

·      HyperStudio |

·      iMovie |

·      KidPix |

·      Excel |

·      Word

·      Works |

·      Netscape |

·      Networking |

·      Photoshop |

·      PowerPoint |

·      WebQuest |

·      Win95/98/00