Tina Polifroni

Honore Mercier School


“Writing Short Stories Using ICT”




¨   To import pictures from the Internet to illustrate short stories written by students.




¨   A variety of picture books was read to, and by, the students.

¨   Through class discussion, common elements of picture books were recognized.

¨   Through class discussion, the topic of “animals” was chosen.

¨   Children were asked to write short stories on the selected topic.

¨   Children found pictures from the Internet to go along with the story:


¨   Conducted a general search for animal pictures

¨   Chose www.snap-shot.com

¨   Entered www.snap-shot.com

¨   Chose “animal and wildlife” section

¨   Chose “big cats”

¨   Each student chose a particular animal (Leopards), and saved pictures of the chosen animal on disk.

¨   www.snap-shot.com was closed

¨   Opened “Word” program

¨   The student typed their text, and saved it on the computer’s hard drive.

¨   Both the text window and the picture window were open at the same time, allowing students to match the pictures to the text.

¨   Once the student decided where each picture should be placed, the pictures were cut from the “picture window” and pasted onto the “text window”.



¨   www.webshots.com

¨   www.snap-shot.com




¨   A volunteer parent or student teacher is helpful to attend to the students’ needs.

¨   To save time and frustration, make sure the computers work and are prepared for use.

¨   Practice use of Word and opening different windows within the program.