Suzanne Nash

École Honoré Mercier- 5e année (groupe 523)





Survey Based on Students’ Interest



Objectives :


·      Write an information text based on students’ interests.

·      Collect the facts using a bar graph.

·      Interpret the results using fractions and percent.

·      Creat histograms and other types of graphs using logiciel Excel.


Procedure :


·      Students work in groups of two. The students choose a theme (e.g. favorite foods, favorite sports, favorite movies…) and conduct a survey. Their survey involved two distinct levels of students (e.g. gr.1 and 6 or K. and gr.5).


·      Using the results of the survey and the bar graphs the students can apply their knowledge of fractions and percent.


·      The students analyse their results and write a summary explaining the steps taken in gathering their information and facts.


·      The students attach this summary to different types of graphs (the obligatory histogram and one from the choices offered by the program), with the help from Excel.


Suggestions and tips :


·      The majority of the students were already familiar with Logiciel Word. Students worked individually without needing formal instruction. They solved their own problems through trial and error.


·      For the Excel program a twenty minute course was given using  the Multi Media projector.