Netscape Communicator 4.5/Netscape Composer (free web publishing software)
Downloading the program onto your PC
(Requires Windows 95, 98)

You may already have Netscape on your computer. To check if you have Click on, "Start - Find - FIles or folders". Type in, "Netscape" and click, "Find now". If it's on your computer it will tell you where it is located. If the search comes up with zero returns, follow these instructions to download the program.

Click here to download Netscape Composer free.

1) Scroll down the and click, "English".

2) Click on "Download" as shown.

Step 1:

Click "Save".

Step 2:  

Let the program download. It will announce
it when the download is complete.

Step 3:

Click "Install".

 Step 4:

Click "Next".

Step 5:

Click on "Yes" to accept the agreement.  

Step 6:  

Select "Typical" as the setup you prefer.

Click on "Next".

Step 7:

If you do not want Netscape to be the default
browser (the one you use to surf the net) then
make sure that you click off the checks for each box.

Click "Next".  

Step 8:  

Click "Next".

Step 9:  

Click "Install".

Step 10:

Let the setup run and then answer the question, "No".  

 Step 11:

Click "OK".

 Step 12:

Drag and drop
(click and keep your finger on the mouse) the
Netscape Commposer icon to the desktop.

You have now created a shortcut on your desktop and are ready to use the program.