Our alphabet movie

Nadine Emond, St.Veronica, LBPSB

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Objectives : Learning the alphabet in French and personalizing it


We learned the alphabet in French !

We looked for vocabulary words reflecting each letter

We used the art tools of kid pix to illustrate our knowledge

We worked in the lab for 30 minutes a week for about 5 weeks

We recorded all our sounds in the classroom.

The children worked alone (they found difficult sharing for this specific project) but they asked each other for ideas.


Before you start make sure you have plenty of disks to save the project on if you work in a lab

Make sure your microphone records clearly

Record all the sounds and save them with the appropriate picture before entering the pictures in the diaporama.

Show the children a similar final project so they are motivated

The children used the software Mon Premier Dictionnaire Nathan to look for new vocabulary words



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