Mary Aboud
Hemmingford Elementary
New Frontiers School Board

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  • to have children create imaginative bird pictures on the computer using KidPix;
  • to have children create stories using vocabulary and concepts from our bird unit to accompany their pictures;
  • to create a multi-media slide show with KidPix.


  • This slide show is a product of our on-going unit on birds.
  • The students are encouraged to work in pairs.
  • The computers are available to students during free time to practise their paint and draw skills using KidPix.
  • The children create pictures of their bird which they save and work on over a period of days.
  • A slide show is created using these pictures.
  • Once the slide show is completed, students record their stories with their picture.
  • The slide show took approximately three weeks to complete.



  • The children need time for preliminary discussion in pair-sharing prior to creating their stories.
  • The pictures and the slide show must be saved in the same file..



  • I'd like to use the slide show format to document our drama activities. Also it would provide an excellent medium for recording and reflecting on our class trips.

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