Connie Barr

Waterloo Elementary

Eastern Townships School Board


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  • to create a multi-media slide show with KidPix.
  • to reinforce circus theme vocabulary
  • to encourage the use of the draw and stamp tools in KidPix.


  • At first we created a circus theme in our classroom by learning about the animals and clowns and activities related to a circus.
  • The necessary tools for drawing and stamping in order to create the pictures were taught previously.
  • During choice time the children would do a drawing on KidPix related to the circus where they could use circus vocabulary word cards.
  • The pictures were saved and printed: a copy for the child, a copy for a circus booklet and a copy remained on the computer for the slide show.
  • When the pictures for the slide show were completed, the children recorded a sound either from the program or using their own voice.
  • The teacher sequenced the slide show.


  • Place pictures in the same file as the slideshow.
  • Make sure the children know how to use the tools for the slide show.
  • Also the slide show pictures can be created in free time as well as during structured lesson time.


Circus Song
Elephant Song
Circus Crafts
Barnum & Bailey



  • Children can create their own sequence of the slide show.
  • Children can create their slide show on the circus theme or using an idea of their own.
  • Using copies of the printed pictures, each child can create a booklet of the circus. They can write their own stories under the pictures, narrate a story using the tape recorder, or tell their story to an older student who will write it for them on the computer.
  • Children can create a memory slide show after a visit to a circus.

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