Kindergarten and Maple Syrup

Mary Aboud

Hemmingford Elementary

New Frontiers School Board

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  • to have children practise sequencing skills;
  • to have children use language related to the Spring theme;
  • to create a multi-media slide show with KidPix.



  • The teacher took pictures with a digital camera during the class trip to the Sugar Bush.
  • The pictures were compressed, saved and placed into a KidPix slide show.
  • The children worked in their free time during the week experimenting with dialogue and sequencing of the pictures in the slide show.
  • The children will decide at the end of the period the final version of the slide show.
  • Four favourite pictures will be voted on and a copy made for each child.



  • Place pictures in the same file as the slideshow.
  • Make sure that you have enough batteries for the camera.

  • Children can create their own slide show of the field trip importing their selections from the digital pictures and recording their version of the story.
  • Using copies of the printed pictures, each child can create a memory booklet of the field trip. They can write their own stories under the pictures, narrate a story using the tape recorder, or tell their story to an older student who will scribe for them.

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