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  • Using the multi-media tool - Hyperstudio, create an evaluation program that meets the criteria of phase 3 of the math program Défi-Math, grade 1.


This software is used upon completion of phase 3 of Défi-Math 1 to evaluate, on an individual basis, the learning of each child in the class.

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The Process!

My objective was to create an evaluation tool, using HyperStudio, to complement the mathematics method used in my grade-one class. I embarked on this journey with a great deal of enthusiasm!! I was aware that it would be a long and arduous voyage... and that the navigation conditions would be uncertain... Calm sea? Stormy at times? Turbulent? Doomed to failure? Would I abandon ship? What did the future have in store for me... that's exactly what I would soon discover!

  • Decipher the method... Determine the prerequisites... Define the objectives... Identify the learning units.
  • I would go to the library to look for documents, production techniques and software that would enable me to develop my ideas to their full potential!
  • I was then ready to begin the creative process. At the outset, I planned to create about 30 games... but slowly I adjusted the number! Here are the stages of my work...
  • I created a draft file containing a sketch of the page screen, the objective and a description of the game. This is how I developed about 30 files.
  • On each of the 30 files, I wrote one or two words in the description section so as to have an idea of the type of game planned.
  • At this point, I started to eliminate files... preferring to combine objectives rather than have to evaluate them separately.
  • The next step was to become familiar with the multi-media software, Hyperstudio, in order to learn about the different options available.
  • Once I got a grasp of the software, I resumed my files and I began describing the games. At that point, I was not yet convinced that each one was feasible but... is that not one of the pleasures of the creative process!
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  • I created and I deleted, I smiled and I cried!

    I searched and I made enquiries. I made changes and then I was pleased.

It's not an easy job being a developer!

  • Tips
    Plan ahead when you anticpate putting your HyperStudio stack on the web:

1 - When saving - always give your files the correct extension (example: filename.stk) without any spaces in the file name. This will enable you to export the file to the web.

2 - When exporting to the web - keep your HyperStudio stack with the newly created html stack, otherwise it will not be able to locate the HyperStudio stack on the web.

3 - Make sure that you get the plug-in for HyperStudio and place it in your plug-in folder.
Plug-ins pour Hyperstudio

4 - Make sure that the server that will house your HyperStudio stacks for the web is also properly configured for HyperStudio. Web Server Configuration Notes (For Webmasters)

Upon completion of this last step, I was left with only 12 games BUT...this was part of the "sifting through" process of any exercise in creativity!

You start out big but end up with the best:-)


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