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  • Use the basic tools in Hyperstudio.
  • Learn to create a text box.
  • Write a sentence.
  • Save a sentence.
  • Make a drawing illustrating the sentence.
  • Create a transparent button in order to hear the recorded sentence.



In teams of two, the children took one hour and a half to complete this activity.

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Get to work!
  • Create a new stack.
  • Create a text box and write a sentence in the text box.
  • Create a transparent button and save the sentence. Select <Activate on open>.
  • Using the basic tools, illustrate the sentence.

  • Create a cover page and place a button so as to view the project as a slide presentation...
  • Place all the stacks in the same file so as to create a link.

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  • At the time the stack is created, select <PREFERENCES> on the menu bar.
  • Select <Presentation Mode>. This way the children will not have access to the desktop.
  • Select <Show Card Number>. This will enable the children to see the pages that they created.
    Plan ahead when you anticpate putting your
    HyperStudio stack on the web:

1 - When saving - always give your files the correct extension (example: filename.stk) without any spaces in the file name. This will enable you to export the file to the web.

2 - When exporting to the web - keep your HyperStudio stack with the newly created html stack, otherwise it will not be able to locate the HyperStudio stack on the web.

3 - Make sure that you get the plug-in for HyperStudio and place it in your plug-in folder.
Plug-ins pour Hyperstudio


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