Introduction to our Grade Five Class


Welcome to our grade five class at Parkdale School. We are going to talk about famous artists and try to make our own website for people who LOVE artists.

Our class has five teachers in all. The first one is Mrs. Shetzer- she's our homeroom teacher. We do art and math with her. Mme Kalli is our French teacher. We do Chouette, Sciences Humaines and other things with her. Our music teacher 's name is Mrs. Beverly. Mr. Dehorn is our gym teacher. We play many different sports with him like soccer and dodgeball. We also have a science teacher whose name is Miss Volpe. We learn about animals, the solar system, stars and nature.

In our class, we have four computers, on which we do projects. We learn how to use them to find out more information for our assignments. On our Smart Board, we see everything that is on our computer, we could underline words with markers that come with the Smart Board. With our fingers we could click anything on the Smart Board, and we could erase mistakes that we made with the markers with the special eraser.

We also have a class library which help us to improve our reading. Around our class we have art, a map of Canada and an alphabet of ocean floor animals. Our classroom is tidy, but not so neat. Our teacher wishes that it could be neater! Oh well.......

We're going to tell you about the different mother tongues in our class. There are 28 children in our class.

This is the list of mother tongues: English - 9,Urdu -5, Punjabi - 2 , Persian -1, Cantonese - 2, Mandarin - 1, Spanish - 1, Pushtu -1, Cambodian -2

We have field trips once in a while. Both of our field trips have been to the Saidye Bronfman Center where we saw different plays. We also saw a display of lights and paintings of flowers in our earliest visit.

In our site, you will be able to learn about all the famous artists like Picasso, Renoir and Monet. Ricky has been so excited ever since he came in our classroom to see the fabulous teacher, Mrs. Shetzer, our grade five homeroom teacher.

Room 20 at Parkdale School is a great place to learn!!!

Philip, Vanessa, and Safiya