Our school is in the city of St. Laurent, which is a suburb of Montreal. Most of the children live in apartment buildings that surround the school.

There are many good restaurants in our area.

There are many banks, like the Royal Bank.

The nearest Métro (subway) station is called Cote Vertu.

Saint Laurent Library is the only library in our town.

The City Hall is where people go to pay their taxes.

Cedarcrest and Enfant Soleil are two schools that children in the area go to.

Beside the YMCA is a private school. It is called Notre Dame.

We have a great high school called LaurenHill Academy. There is a junior and a senior campus.

Vanier College is a good English CEGEP. Beside it is College St. Laurent.

Hartenstein Park is where children go to play.

The Shell Gas Station is close by too.

YMCA is where children, teenagers and grownups go for activities.

Mourelatos is a great supermarket near our school.

Place Vertu is a huge shopping center that has all the big chain stores.

We have a Cinéma Guzzo and it's huge. In Cinéma Guzzo there are bumper cars, bowling and arcade games. There's a fun place where little children play for free.

There is a police station near the Place Vertu and on Hallowe'en there is a huge party and everyone is invited.

Bombardier is where they manufacture huge planes.

The CLSC is where people go to get vaccinations.

The Centre de Loisirs de St. Laurent is where people go to do activities.

St. Laurent is a great place to live!!!!


Janani and Divya