Grade six students working on their banners for graduation. The banners were designed by the students and sewn by hand. They were spectacular!

Grade Six Banners

The grade six students from St. Edmund school are making banners of felt to remember their grade six year. At the end of the school year, they will be finished sewing their personal banner. They are doing this to remember their wonderful grade six year.


They have chosen the colors they wish for their personal banners. At the top of their banner they will cut and sew felt which will end up spelling their name. At the bottom of it they will use the same method except this time it will spell the name of the school and the year of their school year. In the middle will be a white crest. In this crest will be pictures of their personality and what they are proud to have achieved. Once again the pictures will be made of felt.


Grade five students made banners to remember the grade six students. These banners represent all the activities which we did this year. They will be hung in the school so that everyone will remember the FIRST graduating class of the millennium.