Baseball in Beaconsfield

by Daniel and David

Baseball in Beaconsfield started 32 years ago, which was one year before the Expos came to Montreal.

Baseball has changed a lot in Beaconsfield as it has become more structured because they now follow Baseball Quebec`s rules and regulations. Baseball started in Beaconsfield because of a huge interest in the game by the kids. They were especially interested in the game because of Montreal`s old team, the Montreal Royals who then became the Montreal Expos. The Montreal Royals were the farm team for the Brookland Dodgers. Jackie Robinson, the first black man to play professional baseball, played one year with the Montreal Royals. He inspired kids to play the game. About 12 people with University scholarships have played for the Lakeshore Baseball Association and have been drafted into the Majors.

The name of the first baseball team in the Lakeshore Baseball Association was the Beaconsfield Braves.There are eight levels in the Lakeshore Baseball Association. They are T-ball, Pitching Machine, Atom, Mosquito, Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget, and Junior. About 500 people are registered in the Lakeshore Baseball Association this year, which means it has decreased 10% every year since baseball started in Beaconsfield. Kids should play baseball because it is a game rich in tradition and history and requires a lot of different skills.