Beaconsfield is a wonderful community located along the southwestern shore of the Island of Montreal. It borders Lake St. Louis, so some lucky residents have their homes along the water. The city has beautiful parks, many activities for its residents and wonderful schools for its children. There are parks, sports associations of ALL kinds, a wonderful recreation centre and library and it is only about 20 minutes from downtown Montreal! Beaconsfield is a wonderful place to live!

The Mayor, Mr. Kemp


Mayor of beaconsfield

The mayor of the city of Beaconsfield has been mayor for about 9 years. He is really proud of being the mayor because he loves the people. Mr.Kemp (the mayor) would also like to be re-elected as mayor at the next election. He is very happy with the community of Beaconsfield. The population of Beaconsfield is approximately 19 414. Beaconsfield got its name from the Lord Israly , there was a place in England called Beconsfield. The future for the development of Beaconsfield is 700 single family homes.

The mayor's views on 'One Island, One City'........

 "One Island One City"

"One island one city", won`t work . It didn`t work in Halifax or Atlanta, and it isn`t working in Toronto." said Mayor Kemp ."The government tells us if we become part of 'one island one city' we will lose our bilingual status , which means the city will be all french .It means that taxes will increase and services will decline .There will only be one representative for 30 000 people instead of 1 representative and 6 counselors for 1 city ."


By: Selena & Kim