Black slaves "picking" cotton

Our Black History


On February 17th, the 6`s, including the 5`s from the 5/6 split put on a Black History play for Black History month. We all put a lot of effort and time into our presentation.

In this play there were a lot of characters, rolls, and different parts to perform. They were: readers, Quaker Abolitionists who were against slavery, slave dancers, cotton pickers, children who carried huge buckets of water, and slave hunters who believed that whites were better and more superior than blacks. They also thought that blacks were stupid because of their skin color.

Our play began with an African tradition, the Kwanzaa Celebration, a seven day period around Christmas time. It was a celebration full of dance, love, and joy. The celebration ended tragically because from every direction came slave hunters who put chains and shackles on the now called slaves. They traveled on a slave ship for a long, six month journey from Africa to the so called New World. In the slave ships it was smelly, disgusting, and the slaves were stacked on shelves and had no room to move around. A lot of slaves were thrown off the ship and no one knows how many died. When they arrived to the New World, they were sold to white men and the blacks became their slaves. They were sold at auctions. There, one mother had to give up her five month old baby because the owners did not want it. At this point the slaves were put to work either in the master's house or in the fields picking cotton. Some tried to escape using the Underground Railroad. One got caught, was severely tortured, and was later put back to work.

Then, fortunately, all the slaves escaped to Canada with the help of Alexander Ross and danced to celebrate their


written by

grade five and six students