St. Edmund Winter Carnival


Fun in the Snow

Every year St. Edmund school has a winter carnival. This carnival runs from Monday to Friday : It is for every one from kindergarten to grade 6. Every year we do something different.

This year, on Monday, March 6th we had hot chocolate. Ricky had some hot chocolate too and he was left with a brown mustache!


On Tuesday, March 7th, we had to find how many Edmunds were in the school. Edmund is the school's winter mascot. He is a cat. The number of Edmunds that were found in the school was 35.


On Wednesday, March 8th, we had " La Tire." La Tire is maple syrup, on snow. Ricky inhaled his maple syrup!! When he entered the class room he had sticky lips. On the same day we had a snowman contest. It involved making the most creative snowman and writing the best winter story.


On Thursday, March 9th, we had to find the " 3D" Edmund. There was only one Edmund. Later on in the afternoon we had an assembly to distribute the prizes. At the end of the assembly, Edmund started to dance because he wanted to make all the kids laugh. Ricky joined Edmund and they had a blast.


On Friday, March 10th, we all went tubing... 585 students, teachers and parents came along. after this enjoyable week Ricky and Edmund became best friends!




Sliding, Sliding, and More Sliding

On March 10th, St. Edmund school took Ricky on a tubing trip to Piedmont. Grades 5 and 6 were not only allowed to go tubing, but were also allowed to go rafting,. A total of 585 parents, teachers, and students went on the trip. Lots of kids also commented on how much fun the day was, especially with Ricky.

When the students first got to Piedmont tickets were put on their jackets to indicate that they were part of the group. After that, they started into the chalet, dropped their stuff off and stampeded onto the hill, grabbing a tube. Then they either lined up for the chair lift or lined up for the T-bar. After getting to the top of the hill, some went down right away but some were paralyzed with fear. But everybody got used to it.There were 28 runs but only 18 were open. Lots of people had a favorite runto go on. Here are the results of a survey we took in 5/6 C: 12 out of 24 kids liked run number 11, 8 out of 24 liked run number 15, 4 out of 24 liked run number 17. Runs 1 to 5 were off limits for Grades 4, 5, and 6 students because they were strictly for kindergarten, 1, and 2.

More then half of the students in the 5/6 split went rafting. Rafting is when you're in a raft that can hold eight people and you slide down a hill that is the width of the raft. Many people thought that the wait was very long but they said it was worth it.

We took a survey on who liked the rafting better then the tubing and everybody that went rafting liked it better.


A GREAT time was had by all!



Written by grade five and six students