Cultural Events in Beaconsfield

By: a grade six boy, Daniel (six), Jenna (five)


Let us tell you a little about the cultural director in Beaconsfield ...

Michèle Janis is the cultural director of Beaconsfield. She worked for the government in the department of security when she applied for the job as the cultural director. Michèle applied for the job because she felt that our culture is just as important as our sports. Michèle also thinks that going to play outside and doing fun activities is better then staying inside and playing Nintendo or watching TV.

Mrs. Janis organizes many events such as: Shakespeare in the Park, Concerts, La fete national, Heritage Days Canada Day, etc. The cost of these events is usually $5.00. The money goes to the Repercussion Theater, which sends actors and dancers to the cultural events. Some of the money also goes to charity and pays for the food, sound system, fireworks etc.

Shakespeare in the Park comes every year. A play by Shakespeare is always performed outside and this year it will be Romeo and Julliette. The actors are pros and the plays are great. Repercussion Theater is the company that sends the actors to Beaconsfield.

The Concerts don't consist of major bands but of amateurs. They are given a free meal and they are well appreciated. On Canada Day there might be more then one teenage band. These singers aren't paid but they really enjoy what they do.

Heritage Days are held between June 17 and July 1. There are many games and different foods from different cultures. Michèle really enjoys seeing the different people and she says," It takes five months to plan Heritage Days and Canada Day."

On Canada Day there are about 3 000 people at the afternoon celebrations. At night when the fireworks are about to start, 2000 more people come. The fun of Canada Day lasts about a day and many cool things happen: concerts, plays, a parade, fireworks, etc.

Another celebration that is really fun, is the Teddy Bear Picnic. The picnic is for preschoolers and each one brings their teddy. The children have a picnic and all the money raised on food goes to a children's hospital.

Mrs. Jannis really enjoys her job and we think she is really special. Many people in Beaconsfield are able to learn more about their cultures. Many people enjoy her events and come back every year.

Centennial Hall


Michèle Janis is the director of Centennial Hall and is the cultural services coordinator. She organizes all the cultural events and is one of the head people at Centennial hall. Mrs. Janis says that she really loves she job!

Centennial hall houses the offices for cultural services and community services. They also offer courses. Centennial hall is rented out sometimes for weddings, communions and other special days. It is used for exhibitions and big events on Canada day.

Centennial hall was built in 1906 by Mr. Perron, who later died of gun shots wounds. Then in 1940 the building was bought by another gentleman and the house burned down. Later he rebuilt it within one year with the same blueprints of the building that had burned down.

People go to Centennial Hall for fun, some go for meetings, some people play cards and some people just go to do their jobs and work. Only 5 people work there. The name ''Centennial Hall'' was given to Centennial Hall because it was named to commemorate Canada's centennial year in 1967 and that is when it was designated as a cultural center.

They provide fireworks show for Canada Day ( Fête Nationale), they had a concert before Christmas and last year they transformed the building to a haunted house for Halloween.

The people of Centennial Hall plan and hope for many events for the future. They hope that the city will invest in renovations to the building in order to preserve its beauty. With its location right on Lac ST. Louis, it is a beautiful spot to visit.