The Lakeshore Hockey Program


Beaconsfield has a great sports organization called Lakeshore. One of the greatest and most popular sports that Lakeshore has to offer is hockey!!


The Lakeshore program was started in the 1980's by a group of hockey lovers. It has now became a very popular and successful program. The Lakeshore regular season starts November first to the end of February. The triple A teams only play in the summer time. Lakeshore hockey gets about 1200 registrants per year, 120 of which are girls. The registrants are made up into 77 fair teams. The minimum age that you have to be to play in the Lakeshore league is 5 years old. The maximum age that you have to be is age 18 to 21 years old, they are considered juniors. To make sure that all the teams are fair Lakeshore holds tryouts. First they make the children do drills to evaluate them and then they play games to see how they handle a game situation. When Lakeshore holds a tournament it takes about a year ahead of time to plan. The president of the Lakeshore hockey program organizes this. He has to book the ice, get a published approval from the operations and get it known to the public. The president of Lakeshore does not only organize tournaments, but also has to hold meetings, deal with registrant's problems and make important decisions.


In Beaconsfield, there is one of arena that is the Lakeshore player's home arena. The Rec. center is it's name and it is situated on Beaconsfield boulevard in Beaconsfield. There, they have a full crew of workers. The zamboni drivers get paid by the city of Beaconsfield. The referees and time keepers also get paid, but their salary comes from the Lakeshore league. Lakeshore coaches do their job voluntarily. There are some very well known coaches such as Hurb Madim who coached in the mid 90's and Ross Yates a former NHL player.


Did you know...


...that before the Lakeshore program started, there was another hockey program like Lakeshore. Benoit Brunet, an NHL player for the Montreal Canadians, was part of that program.


Go Lakeshore!


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