The Beaconsfield Library

Greetings net-surfers! Welcome to a small division of the Ricky Raccoon web site. This page speaks about the Beaconsfield library. Beaconsfield is a suburb in the city of Montreal which is situated in Canada. We interviewed the chief librarian Ms. Sauvé to write this article. We learned a great deal and hope that you will also.


The Beaconsfield library started out with the name the

`Beaurepaire Children's Library`

in the year 1951. In 1952 it was named the `Beaurepaire Adults' Library`. Then from 1955-1967 it was called the Beaconsfield/Beaurepaire library. In 1967 it was finally named the Beaconsfield Public library. When it started as the Beaurepaire library, two years after there had been a complaint about a lack of books, Kay Betts, the woman who had investigated establishing a library, became chief librarian.

There are numerous programs and activities that go on monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily. There are book clubs, speakers, art exhibits, crafts, all depending on the day. There are four different book clubs. One is an english book club for adults, one is for adults in french and the two others are mother-daughter book clubs.

Today the library has seventy-five thousand books and forty to fifty volunteers, some that go in regularly and shelf books and do other tasks that need to be done in the library. On the staff that works in the library there are ten people that work there full-time and there are nine people that work part-time. Some volunteers choose new books to replace older ones that are given away. The Beaconsfield library not only has books but has software, magazines, and lots of C.D.s This is one great library and there is not much comparison to others.

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