Ricky Meets Our Mascot,


Just recently Ricky the Raccoon met Eddie, the official mascot of the 5/6 split class. Eddie is a dog. He represents loyalty to his school and his classmates. Eddie is wearing school dress code which symbolizes school pride. A graduation hat placed upon his head that serves as the grade six graduation which is soon to come and class personal achievements. In the original design he is holding a soccer ball which acts as sports and physical education. In his right hand is an autograph book which serves as a memory of our friends and classmates.

 We chose Eddie as our mascot because we thought that he represented our school really well. This is how we chose Eddie: Well, first the students in Mrs. Stevens' grade 5/6C class had to design their own mascot. Then we had a vote and guess what? Eddie won! There were many other creative and original mascots like, The Millennium Bear and the Class Chimp among many others. Eddie has been to many of our school activities like Breakfast with Santa and our Black History Play, and even the Grade 6 graduatiun ceremonies!.

To make Eddie's head we took material and stuffed it with cotton bating and scraps of old clothes. Then we sewed it together. His muzzle is material rolled up and sewed to his face. His ears and nose are stuffed vinyl. His eyes are made of felt. His upper body is an old business suit cut up and made to look like a sweater. Then we stuffed it. His paws are stuffed gloves. His legs are jogging pants stuffed with cotton batting with a tail made from the same beige material as his head and feet. The same vinyl as his ears and nose is used as the foot pads. Then we sewed him all together. That's how Eddie was created!


Written by two Grade 5 girls and Katie (5).