Grade Six Hits The Slopes!

By: Michael and Eric

Out of the numerous field trips that the students of the five/six split class went on during the school year, the ski trip to Mont Blanc was one of the most enjoyable.

This field trip took place on the seventh of March, 2000. The students of the two grade six classes and the five/six split were the lucky students who got to enjoy this skiing experience. Not all of the students from grade six got to go on the ski trip but those who did really had fun. For some, it was their first time skiing.

The students and grade six teachers departed at seven-thirty A.M. and the trip to Mont Blanc lasted approximately one and a half hours. Once everybody arrived at the ski hill, those who did not have their own ski equipment began to rent their skis, poles, and boots. After that they hit the slopes.

For the experienced skiers the hills were easy. For the first-timers it was not so easy. Those who were experienced were allowed to hit the slopes right away. Those who were beginners had to learn how to turn before they went on the chair-lifts. They did this on the bottom part of a slope with the instructors. After the beginners received their lift-tickets they had to go on one particular run, the yodel, several times before they tried other runs. The yodel was considered the easiest run at Mont Blanc.

The ways to rank a slope are; green circles are easy, blue squares are medium / intermediate runs, black diamonds are fairly hard / expert runs, and double black diamonds are extremely hard ( although some experts may disagree ). Some green circles were; the Yodel, the Panda, and the Suisse. Some blue squares were; the Raccoon ( hey Ricky, there's one named after you!) and the Boulevard. Some black diamonds were; the Mambo, the Moustache, and the Loup. Some double black diamonds were; the Tigre, Sous-bois, and the Max.

Over all, the ski trip to Mont Blanc was a complete success.