Presenting our projects in Pioneer clothing....

What Is A Pioneer?

by Selena andand a grade 5 boy

The kids in Mrs.Stevens 5/6C class were assigned a project on Pioneers. At first, the students had no idea what a pioneer was, but by the end of the project you could say they knew more than a book!

Each student had a partner and they were both assigned the same topic. Each goup was assigned a different topic. They researched everything about Pioneer life from food to transportation. When they were finished, they had to do a giant oral presentation, together with their partner. Some groups made models and all groups designed beatiful posters to display their information. At first, lots of the kids thought that it would be hard and that it would take long. After weeks of hard work, the kids were finally done.

The students were all relieved that it was over, but then came the big oral presentation. The kids had to get dressed up in costumes so they could look like pioneers. They had to say the oral presentation in front of three classes.

What a project !!!

Serving Pioneer Food