Beaconsfield Floats!

by Marc and Adam

Beaconsfield Bluefins

is the name of Beaconsfield's swim team.

Beaconsfield Bluefins started in 1975, one year after the Beaconsfield recreation center was built.

The team was very successful in its first three years. If you want to be in Bluefins and you are not a good swimmer, don't worry. They are not looking for little stars. Bluefins tries to develop swimmers.

There are eight coaches and four instructors in Pre-Bluefins. There are around 180 swimmers in Bluefins, and 45 people in lessons. Bluefins has many levels. The higher the level the better the swimmer you are. There are four levels in Pre-Bluefins, four in Bluefins and a senior group. For level 1 there are three practices a week for one hour. For the senior group there are eleven practices a week. The oldest swimmer in Bluefins is 30 years old. She only started when she was sixteen, but now she a amazing swimmer. She is the best in Bluefins. She went to the Olympics and came back with a bronze medal. The youngest swimmer in Bluefins was six, but she had quit because it was too hard. Right now the youngest swimmer is a boy who is seven. In Pre-Bluefins the youngest swimmer is five turning six.

Marc with the head coach of Bluefins

Aquatic Sports

Adam with the Aquatic Director

The Beaconsfield Pool offers a variety of activities for people of all ages.

Besides the competitive swim team, synchronized swimming is a very popular activity.The Synchro team is called Beaconsfield Synchro. There are also synchro lessons and swimming lessons for people who aren't competitive. There are several free swimming categories. Free swim is for everybody. Adult swim is only for people 18 and over, and 50+ swim is for people over 50 years old. Adult swim and free swim are held every day of the week. 50+ swim is only Thursday. Weekdays swimming is at night. Weekends it's all day.

Every year , all aquatic Beaconsfield teams and lessons start in September and end in June.

Out of all the teams and lessons there are more than 400 people registered at the pool. For all these kids there are only about 20 coaches. Synchro participates in about 4 competitions each year. Their teams are very successful.