Ricky Meets the Class...

It was late winter when Ricky arrived in the classroom of the 5/6 split. He was so relieved to finally be out of that trunk since he almost froze his little raccoon paws off on his way here! Ricky was taken out of the trunk, he was thrilled to see such a bright and clean classroom with such stunning students and a miraculous teacher!

Ricky enjoyed reading the posters on the walls and looking at the spectacular mobiles and the shilouettes that the students had made. This was one happy raccoon when he realized that he would be staying in the classroom with 27 young and creative minds for two whole weeks.

In the back of the classroom there are two computers and a shelf with a wide selection of books. The students had to punish the poor little raccoon Ricky for not putting the books back on the shelf when he was finished with them. During the night Ricky was not alone, he was with Eddie the class mascot which was handmade by certain students of the split class. Eddie was Laura's idea (she's one of those creative students in the split.)

Since this class is a split class there are 13 grade six and 14 grade fives.

There's a total of 15 girls and 12 boys. This class was such a great class that Ricky did not want to leave!!!


Written by Kim (5), Erica (6), Daniela (6).