Playing the Game


To play ringuette you have to be a certain age, which is six years of age. Ringuette takes a lot of strength and is a wonderful sport. You usually have two to three practices a week, usually two games a week.


The kids of the Beaconsfield/Kirkland Ringuette teams practice at many different arenas. But, most of the time at the Beaconsfield or Kirkland arena. They can play games at any arenas which have free ice time, which means that there is no one using the ice at that time. The usually have twelve to fourteen players on a team. Unfortunately, however on these teams there is only girls. This sport was originally made for girls and still is. There are many teams in B.K.R.A.(Beaconsfield/Kirkland Ringuette Academy) Ringuette games and practices usually last 50 minutes.


There is no certain age to be a ringuette coach at B.K.R.A as long as you are willing to help out because all of the coaches are volunteers. The coaches do not get paid .They do not get paid since they are only volunteers.

 To play ringuette you need certain equipment. Ringuette is not as expensive as some other sports, however, you still have to pay to play. There are different teams for different age groups in B.K.R.A. Even though ringuette is a wonderful sport it is not an Olympic sport.


 The sport of ringuette was invented in the 1970`s. This sport is very similar to hockey but is also different. At the end of the year, after all the games have been played, they have an end of the season party. They also have a Christmas party.


Notes from the Coach


The head coach of B.K.R.A first started his job when he signed his daughters up for ringuette. He signed them up because he thought it was a very good sport for them to play. The coach enjoys his job very much. He used to play on a team and played a few exhibition games. The coach says that the number of kids who play ringuette has increased since he started his job. The coach has had his job for six years, but it is not his full time job. The coach also explains that ringuette is a safe sport. His comments on how the team is doing is very good. He says that B.K.R.A has made the provincials this year (2000) and has won first place in many games. For the future the coach wants to give the kids better lessons in skating and he wants to promote the sport even more.

If you like to skate...try RINGUETTE!
By Katie (5) and Diana (5)