Lakeshore Soccer




In Beaconsfield there is a soccer organization called Lakeshore Soccer. This organization gives the children of Beaconsfield the opportunity to play soccer.


It costs $70.00 to join the league. Lakeshore soccer has to pay about $10,000.00 on soccer balls, first aid kits, coaching tapes, coaching books and the club rooms. The club room started since 1965.


Soccer is for people or all ages. You can be as young as five years old or as old as thirty-five years old.


In Beaconsfield there are more boys who play soccer than girls. There are 2000 boys and 1600 girls who enrolled this year (1999-2000). Beaconsfield has a lot of soccer teams. There are two hundred five House League teams, Thirty-five Intercity teams, ten in Whistle and three in Metro.


Lakeshore Soccer Club doesn`t do all the work. The city helps out. The city`s job is to cut the grass and draw the lines on the soccer fields. There are twenty-seven

soccer fields!

The referees get paid for their job, but the coaches volunteer their time.


Soccer is a popular sport among the children and adults in Beaconsfield.