Students On Skis At Stoneham


Early in the morning on February 22, 2000 the grade 5 students from St-Edmund left on a voyageur bus on their way to go skiing at Stoneham. When they arrived at Stoneham they collected their luggage and went to their rooms in the hotel at the base of the hill. The ones who needed skis went to rent some while the others went to settle in to their hotel rooms. Then they all went to the cafeteria for lunch.

After lunch they all got into groups and started ski lessons. There were three levels beginner, intermediate and expert. They skied for a while then had a 45 minute break in their rooms. Then they went for dinner. After dinner they went on a scavenger hunt It was room against room. Room 104 won.Then they went night skiing and when they went into their rooms lights out was at 10:00.

In the morning when all the grade fives woke up they had breakfast in the cafeteria. Then went skiing then had lunch then they went skiing again.After dinner and a 45 break the kids went night skiing but this time after night skiing they went tubing then ,just as the night before lights at 10:00.

The next day the students packed up their bags and went for a day at Quebec. While they were in Quebec the students learned about Quebec`s history they also visited many places to help them learn including a 3-D movie. All the students had a great time and wish they could go again. Sadly they finished their 3 day trip and returned home in a voyager bus.