Y2K projects

make school headlines...


From November till mid January,6A, 6S and of course 5/6C did a project on the millennium. Soon it made a top headline in the Kidzette, the school newspaper. We did a robot project, time capsule, a family quilt and a timeline

Time Capsules....

See the past in the future

One part of this project was a time capsule. We started it in mid December and finished January 15. Grades 5/6C, 6A and 6S all participated in this successful, fun and extraordinary time capsule project.

It included a timeline of the students life, pictures, drawings of family members or important events, vacations etc,, photocopies or drawings of their favorite CD`s, books, authors and movies. They also wrote about a typical day at school, a typical weekend, a message of hope for the future and their plans for the future. Some students put in names and pictures of their friends, labels of their favorite foods, a tape of their favorite music, a tape of a message for the future and pictures of todays fashions, cars, homes, telephones etc.They put the items in a large shoe box, a large cookie tin or anything with a lid.On the sides they wrote their names, the date they wanted to open it and any other things they wanted. When they were done they showed the items to the class, and when everyone had shared what was in their capsules, their teacher, Mrs. Stevens put masking tape around the edge so they wouldn`t try to open it early. Finally the capsules were brought home and hidden. Each student has planned a date in the future when they will be opened.


Blast through the past with 5/6C's timelines.

The 5/6C class, 6A and 6S, have all made timelines of the past. It started from the 1000A.D to 2000(this year). There had to be at least one important date for each century and a minimum of 15 events. The of them were EXCELLENT! They were all printed in pen so they could stand out.

We also had to write an article on ten events that were most interesting in are timeline. They had to be two to five.


Are Boys Into Quilting?


If you guessed no ,you` re wrong. In fact they are. Thanks to Mrs. Stevens and Mrs.Asuncion, quilting was a big hit!! Boys and girls were able to make a hand sewn quilt for their millenium projects. They started in November and finished in mid January. All of 5/6C thought it was a blast!! ``All the quilts were very well made,`` said Mrs.Stevens, ``they were excellent!``

The quilts were made with small squares of their family`s clothing and they embroidered in the number 2000 for the millenium.``It was a very creative project,`` said 5/6C ``and was fun.`` The quilts might be hung up at the grade 6 graduation with their family trees and banners. They will be doing more sewing but none of it will be as much fun as this says 5/6C.