Our Class Story

Ricky the Raccoon was coming to visit Montreal.He was coming to spend a week-end with Lick-a-tongue , a grass snake. Ricky arrived at Dorval Airport. Lick-a-tongue [Licky is his nick name] took Ricky to his house. Ricky said he was hungry.Licky took Ricky for pancakes and maple syrup.

After breakfast,Licky took Ricky shopping.He took him to Alexis Nihon Plaza,which has many stores and movie theatres and the food court. Ricky couldn't resist the touch lamp for his house.Licky took Ricky to a few tourist attractions.They went on a tour of the Olympic Stadium ,including the funicular to the top.They went to the Biodome to see the penguins.

Ricky needed lunch.He was taken to Vichy Buffet, where he had many choices.Licky took Ricky to an arcade.He had never seen one before.They played Air Hockey,Basketball and Spawn. After a few hours,they went to the Molson Center for a hockey game.They also had a tour of the building.They got to meet some of the Canadiens team players. After the game, Ricky was tired, so they went home for an early night. Ricky enjoyed his first poutine for supper.

Sunday morning,and it was a beautiful day.Ricky made eggs and toast for his host.Licky said it was good. They went to Mont Royal and skated and skied and slid down the hill..After all this outdoor fresh air, Licky took him to McDonald's restaurant for a late lunch.

Licky took Ricky back to the airport.Ricky said he had a great time.He thanked his host.