Ricky Comes to Town

by Leon


The plane to Montreal is arriving. The plane is going to land now. Ricky meets Montreal for the first time. It was 6.00 on a bright sunny Saturday. Ricky looked curious. He never saw anything like this in his habitat. Licky came to greet Ricky.

They had a hour to watch people at the airport. Then they walked to Licky's house. Licky made a humongous breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, waffles, toast and jam, bagles with swiss cheese in the inside . Ricky was to full to walk after the big breakfast. After breakfast, they went to Chinatown.They saw the dragons in the parade for the new year. They danced and wiggled and slithered along the parade route along side the dragons. It was a lot of fun. They went for lunch in a Chinese restaurant and laughed at their fortunes.

They bought presents wrapped in red, because red is the colour of good luck for the Chinese people.

It was time to say goodbye. They promised to meet again next year for a new adventure.