Mathew Drummond's Story

Ricky was going to Montreal to visit Licky, the grass snake. When he arrived in Montreal , they went to a movie. After the movie, they had pizza. They were having so much fun , it was as if they were always together.

The next day they decided to go to the park. They ran, played ball, climbed trees, and even had some ice cream. They were so tired when they got back to the house. This was a great vacation for Ricky. He liked the big city.

The boys got up early the next morning They went to the Olympic Stadium to see a baseball game. The Montreal Expos were in town. The Expos won and the boys were glad. After the game, they went home for a great dinner. Licky's mum was a fantastic cook. The boys rented videos and played video games.

The weekend was over. Ricky was sad that he had to leave, but they decided that next time Licky would come to the forest to visit Ricky.