Ricky's Visit
by Nadia

One day Ricky the raccoon was at home. He was very bored so he called his friend, Lick-a-tongue, the grass snake. Ricky decided to come to Montreal for a visit.

When Ricky arrived, he thought the airport was really big. Ricky went to Licky's house and met his parents. They had supper and went to bed early.

On Saturday, Ricky woke up with the beautiful sunshine. He had a shower, some breakfast and left to explore Montreal with Licky. They did some shopping. They bought skates and a sled and went to Lafontaine Park to play. They forgot about the time because they were having so much fun.

They took the metro (our underground subway cars) to get home. They ate supper, played some cards, and went to bed early.

Sunday morning they went to a fancy restaurant for breakfast. They went to visit St. Joseph's Oratory. It is a famous church with many steps to climb. They went to Chinatown for lunch. They bought two tickets for the Montreal Canadiens hockey game at the Molson Center. When the game ended around midnight, they went home and went to sleep .

After breakfast the next morning, Ricky had to leave. It was a fun weekend.