Ricky comes to visit

Once upon a time there was a snake called Lickitung. He knew Montreal very well so one day there was a new person in town. He was a raccoon. The raccoon did not know the place very well so then one day he met Lickitung and he said hi! and the raccoon said hi too! The snake did not know this place very well and then raccoon said no. So the next day they met again and Lickitung said do you want me to show you the place well so you know where everything is. The raccoon said okay. So then they went to restaurants like Harvey`s and he took him to his home and the Molson Centre, LaRonde, Farms, stores, Olympic Stadium, and the Biodome and many more. The snake is a grass snake. He is friendly. A few days latter the raccoon said do you want to see my job and my house. Lickitung said yes. His house was far. The raccoon`s house was bigger than his house. He said I made it and how I did it was that I had money left and I bought some wood. Lickitung was sad because he did not have a big house.