My name is Lick-a-tongue and I'm a grass snake.Today I'm very excited becausemy friend Ricky the Raccoon is coming to Montreal to visit me.Ricky is coming on a train, I am going to pick him up at a place near the station.I lived very close to the train tracks so it wasn't a problem getting there.When I got there I had to wait10 minutes until Ricky arrived and when he did, it was hard for me to find him because I had never seen a raccoon in my life. Finally I found him.

First I took him home for a snack.After that I took him to Beaver lake, there we made a snowman. Ricky did most of the work because I can't make snowballs.Then we made snowangels.By the time we finished it was lunchtime so we went to Mcdonalds and had hamburgers and french fries.After lunch we went to Old Montreal where usually in the winter they have carnivals.But today nobody was there.

We played on the ice for a bit.After that we went home for hot chocolate. We went to a late afternoon movie and then back home because we were tired.

The next day we went shopping. We bought skates so we could skate at an outdoor rink all day. At the end of the day , it was time for Ricky to leave. It was a good visit.