Westmount Park School--Grade Five

We are a grade five class at Westmount Park School.We are twenty seven students, twelve girls and fifteen boys.We have different racial backgrounds. Although most of us were born in Canada,our ancestors have come from Jamaica,Guyana,Bangladesh,United States,Venezuela,Antigua,Brazil,Cambodia,England,India,Portugal and Canada.

Montreal is the larger community we live in.It is the largest city in the province of Quebec.It is an island in the St.Lawrence River. Montreal has some interesting attractions,such as the Olympic Stadium,Biodome,Mont Royal and Beaver Lake,Chinatown, the metro, the Molson Centre where the hockey team plays, the Planetarium and the Old Port.

Most of us do not live within walking distance of the school. We come to school by bus from our different neighbourhoods. We live in the areas of Little Burgundy , Point St. Charles, St. Henri downtown Montreal and one student lives in Westmount where our school is situated.

Although we live in different neighbourhoods, they all have similar facilities. They have community centres for us to go to. We go there to play , to read, to swim , to do our homework and to see our friends. There are hospitals, schools, arenas, shopping centres or malls, movie theatres, libraries, parks and playgrounds and different types of residences. Most of us live in apartment buildings.