How are you? My school is big and have a lot of classes in my school do you have a lot of classes in your school? do you have locker for your stuff iI do I have my one locker and my school have art , music. computer and i have dance and drama do you have options for your classes my school has 2 gym do you have gym. I can go out of the school at lunch and recess cane you what time do you have to go to school I
have to go at 8:15am and I live for school at 7:00am and I go home fro school at 3:05pm wee have bells in are school
do you? we have to change rooms do you change class we have 5 min to change in your school. I am writing because we have to. do you have a pc at home and do you have your one e-mail? I do. I am sending a photo ok I have to go now ok bye.