It is me philippe how are you? Im fine Do you have snow in your place? we do! we have a lot of snow do you know i live in Montreal. Now the snow is going to all melt now. I don't like snow. It is fun to play in but it is very cool so i do not like it. Do you have a bit of snow ? our cily has a big winter carnival T aty has a big celebration with ice sculptures and contest. the aty because a big festival. Winter is so long in canada that we have to have a carnivals and activilies to breek up the long winter Do you have carnivals where you live? I do. It it's fun. You can play games in a carnivals. When we have a carnival it is with the school but you can go all a lone if you want. We have carnival once a year. In a carnival we can go on ice to go skating It is fun Do you go skating? or you cannot go and do you play sport? I do i live to go biking all the time, It is so fun to do do you go biking. Ok i have to go now ok bye