History of the Network
What did the Network in 2000-2001 look like?
  • Met 6 times (60-70 teachers per session)
  • Made up of all the resource teachers in elementary school
  • Redefined the role of the Resource Teacher (did not see themselves as teachers in Reform)
  • Gradually the Network came to see that they really were a team
  • A lot of time was spent on literacy activities (how to develop a cross-curricular competency )
  • Workshop topics evolved from the teachers themselves

What the workshops entailed:

  • Cooperative learning
  • Collaborative teaching models
  • Differentiation
  • Choice boards
  • Writers workshop
  • Literature circles
  • All strategies were regular classroom based
  • Teacher presentations
  • Team and talk
  • Time to work
  • Developed a Strategies Portfolio
  • Received reading material
  • Every workshop had a Processing Sheet , i.e., what they liked and what they wanted
  • Each new session started with sharing with them what they had written the last time (the Processing Sheet)
  • Used videos (with a follow-up activity that was IEP related)
  • Graffiti activities related to classroom management

Needs expressed for 2001-2002:

  • All want their administrators there (felt very strongly about this…)
    • This had already started, i.e., some brought their principals
  • All want to expand, i.e., to bring the teachers they work with
  • All want to continue

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