Grace Sealey
Willingdon School
Grade 6 English Language Arts

Project theme: Developing Tolerance for Cultural Diversity


- to develop, in students, a positive attitude towards ethnic diversity
- to develop an awareness that there are many similarities and differences among
and between ethnic families
- to develop an understanding of one's own culture and what is distinct about it
- to understand about people from different cultural backgrounds (within the context of the family)
- to develop a positive self-image
- to develop confidence in his or her own identity
- to provide opportunities for students to explore and use technology as a research tool
- to encourage the use of technology in the basic writing process


This unit is divided into three subunits. Each subunit contains a varied number of lessons and follow-up activities. The unit may run a period of ten to twelve weeks. Each lesson may take from forty-five to sixty minutes. The teacher may start with any subunit according to the needs of his/her class.

Subunit I # of lessons
Me 1
My family 2

Subunit II
Ethnic Canadian families 4-5

Subunit III
Similarity & Differences 3-4
among and between ethnic
In this subunit the students can look at special characteristics in, for example,
food, music, art, sports (games) , holidays, language


- before introducing this unit, the teacher should research the resources available on the topic or related topics (the links provided below can be helpful)

- teachers must be sensitive to the different types of families that the students may be coming from

- discussions are an important aspect of this unit

- the teacher should establish guidelines for discussion and for the use of technology as a means for gathering information

- all of the subunits may begin by brainstorming

- students may collect information from a variety of sources including the Internet CD ROM World Book and Encyclopaedia