Cynthia Koomas
Grade 4 teacher
Willington School


. present an oral presentation on basic themes related to Ancient Egypt
. to encourage the use of the Internet in order to do research
. to encourage the use of ClarisWorks to present written material
. to use the digital camera


. The theme of Ancient Egypt was presented and because the subject
is so vast, it was decided that groups of three students would each
research and present orally their section eg. pharaohs, mummification,
hieroglyphics, etc.
. Using the sites I had investigated myself, the students were taught
notekeeping skills in the search for pertinent information.
. They wrote up their information, I helped to edit and correct, and
then each group typed up their work using ClarisWorks.
. Their research was presented to the other Grade Four classes (all
children dressed the role and set up stations in the classroom).
. A Grade Six student was asked to take pictures of the project using
the digital camera.


. As most classes have only two computers, prior arrangements are made
to send the students to the library and other classes to use the Internet.
. Make sure the pictures on the digital camera are downloaded as soon as
possible after each use. The day we wanted to use the camera, it was full
of pictures and we wasted time downloading them.
. The Internet was not the only resource used - we also used books to find
our information.



. (lots of good links)



Further Ideas:

. A slide show could be presented using pictures and text from the
children’s work.
. A web page could be made for the Willington School site.