Evangelina Chiotis (grade 4 teacher, French immersion)
Willingdon Elementary School
English Montreal School Board

French Poetry, Grade 4


* to explore and reseach French poetry by looking at online examples and theory about verse formation
* to explore and research French poets by looking at online examples and theory about verse formation
* to create a multimedia booklet with children’s poems


* Children’s interest on the project was triggered by reading them two French poems.
* Through class discussion about those two poems, children recognized the poet’s intention, the rhymes, the liberty to play with words.
* Children were encouraged to draw on their previous knowledge to talk about poetry: what it means, what is expressed through poetry, the role of the poet, types of rhymes and verses.
* Children were asked to explore the internet to find French poems and read them.
* They were each asked to select one or two poems they particularly liked, save them and print them.
* Children then had to be prepared to read the selected poem to the group and explain why they prefer it.
* After observing more thouroughly how rhymes and verses are formed in French poetry, children would then attempt to write a poem in French using a wordprocessor.
*The teacher would then compile the poems in a disk and sequence them to make a powerpoint presentation.


*If there is a limited number of computers in the classroom or at school: allow students with no computer at home to be in charge of the keybord, encourage children with internet connections at home to explore the suggested links at home.
* Allow considerable class time for the exploration phase.
* During the internet exploration phase, the teacher draws children’s attention on the quality of the websites as regards to content and presentation, and allows them to evaluate them critically.


* http://franceweb.fr/poesie/enfantl.htm
* http://perso.cybercable.fr/poesie/enfants/anthol.htm
* http://perso.cybercable.fr/poesie/enfants/seme.htm
* http://www.jecris.com/TXT/POEM/2001/
* http://www.philagora.net/recitpoe.htm
* http://poésie.webnet.fr/auteurs/lafontai.html
* http://bleu.org/annuaire.htm
* http://www.terra.net.lb/Terra.Junior/Français/Poemes.asp


* Create a poetry club where children find poems online, memorize extracts and present them with the appropriate expression.
* Children can illustrate their poem on paper and skan it to accompany their poem.
* Children can read their poem or any other poem with the appropriate expression and record themselves using the tape recorder.