Submitted by:

Ingrid Karbin, Science Teacher,Willingdon School,EMSB

April 20,2001


Water: One of Canada’s Greatest Natural Resources

Level: Cycle 3 ( Grades 5 and 6)


Competencies involved:

Intellectual, Environmental, Social, Cultural, Technological.


General Objectives

* To investigate how important a resource water is in Canada -  how much it makes up part our landscape, lakes and rivers, groundwater, aquifers, polar cap, permafrost, glaciers.



* To do a scientific study of water in its various forms -solid, liquid, gas, its physical  properties, its uses, the water cycle.

* To find activities and experiments that help students discover the properties of water that make it so useful to all living things.

* To investigate the sources of water, in urban areas, filtration plants, disposal of sewage



* To do research to investigate how water is being contaminated and or wasted.

* To investigate the impact of this on wildlife as well as people.

* To find solutions to environmental problems where water is involved.

* To investigate such issues as polar melting, rising ocean level – causes and consequences

* To build models that illustrate the above.


Cultural and Social

* To find examples of how water is incorporated in social and cultural experiences e.g. Baptism, Ritual Bathing, and as such the importance it is religious beliefs and as such to explore the similarities as well as the differences in various religious traditions

* To find examples of folk culture, native traditions and superstition e.g divining rods, rain dances. To find examples of these dances and  learn how to perform some of them

* To investigate how artists have represented water in all its forms particularly in Canada in painting, songs, music. To provide examples of the above


Information and Communication Technologies

* To use the Internet to find sites where information can be found to find  answers to the above questions.

* To find books,magazines and films and  television programs that can provide information on the topic of water in Canada.


Role of Teacher-

* To provide certain guidelines for research e.g topics, relevant terms, appropriate websites, a suggested bibliography; to provide other experiences that relate to water in a cross-curricular way.


Role of Student

* To prepare a project which will include a scientific experiment that deals with water, water conservation,water pollution with relevant background material. Photographs scanned from magazines or printed from the Internet should be included. They should create a bibliography as well as a list of websites, TV listings relating to the topic.


Suggested websites:

* Canada}