Heather Kilpatrick
Willingdon School
English Montreal School Board



1. to explore the life of an inventor
_ effect of the invention on the world
_ need for the invention

2. to use the internet as one source for information, especially for more recent inventions

3 to learn to take notes from both the computer and books

4. to learn to use the printer


1. Discuss inventors/inventions as opposed to discovers/discoveries
2. follow guidelines for the research
3. gather information
4. type it up using word processing (but this was not mandatory.)
5. present a report to the class orally as well


1. make computers in the library and Step 31 ,as well as the classroom , available to the students
2. provide class time for the research / preparation
3. knowledgeable students help those with fewer skills


2.http:// www.yahoo.com
4.http:// www.sympatico.ca
5.http:// www.search.com
6.http:// www.altavista.com

Example of steps involved:
Step 1:go to www.ask.com
Step 2:type in “Who invented the C.D.?”
Step 3: press on “ask”
Step 4: press on the word “ask” beside “who invented compact disc “
This should result in the requested information becoming available.


1. We moved on to co-operative discussions re the importance of each inventor.
2. C reative Writing was a follow up i.e., The Mad Inventor Who Threatened the World
(That is a sample of a title / idea )
3. Our Arts Festival was linked with this research and produced life-sized presentations of the inventors along with an accompanying quotation.
4. Drama was also explored as part of the festival. Each student acted out being the invention.
5. Interviews with the inventors were simulated by the students who worked in pairs.