Willingdon School
Teacher: Barbara Weiss

Research Unit and Jeopardy-style Quiz
Grade 6 English Language Arts


- To provide opportunities for the whole class, working independently, to
learn about The Great Apes.
- To allow a smaller group of computer-literate pupils to work together
co- operatively.
- To enable pupils in the computer-literate group to share their computer
skills with other pupils.
- To create a Jeopardy-style game based on information on The Great Apes
gathered in the first part of the unit.
- To enable other pupils to expand and/or reinforce their knowledge of The
Great Apes by playing the game created for this purpose.


- All pupils made up a minimum of forty (40) questions on The Great Apes,
and answered them, using electronic and print encyclopedias and other
reference works, the Internet, television programs, etc. Using techniques
taught them specially for this purpose, pupils were required to acknowledge
all sources (electronic or print) used in answering their questions. They
were allowed five weeks for completion of the questions and answers.
- After the projects were corrected by the teacher, each pupil selected
his/her best questions and answers and submitted them to the
computer-literate focus group.
- Two pupils set up the Jeopardy-style quiz grid, using www.expage.com.
- Students in the focus group selected the questions and answers to be
placed on the grid.
- The teacher checked the spelling of questions and answers chosen by the
focus group, and it was ready to be played.



If the research unit will be assigned again in coming years, theproject address should not be published on the school web site, where it could easily be copied.

Problem: Due to the limitations of the Jeopardy format, it was extremely
difficult for the teacher to correct spelling and other errors made by pupils. Severe time constraints didn't help the situation. In future, alternate provisions will have to be made, as I am opposed to making public
any uncorrected work.