Nick Batzios
Willingdon Elementary
English Montreal School Board

20th Century Music Composers


- to introduce 20th century music composers
- to compare different melodic and harmonic styles
- to explore the different approaches in orchestration


- a pair activity with two students in different grade levels, grade 3 and grade 6. This activity could be adapted for children from kindergarten through grade 6.
- at first they discovered some important search engines to help them with their search, one being ask jeeves for kids.
- these are the instructions for the approach they used,

for example, Bela Bartok

1. Click on search
2. Type in Bela Bartok
3. Click on Bela Bartok: his life, times, and music
4. Web site is:

- they even found the recordings on the internet and listened to these pieces that way
- every week they would update me on their research, and I would guide them accordingly
- their report included an introdution, answers to five questions comparing both composers for orchestration, melodic and harmony style, and a conclusion


- these children may help to teach these steps to other children in order to help them with their research projects
- depending how much time you have with your class, and the computers available, you may choose a small number of students to work on this project




- Children learn to use musical terms
- Children begin to listen to a piece of music at a different level, they begin to analyze it, for example, on the melodic contour ( imitation and repetition ), harmonic approach, and orchestration style
- Children may start a new research project using their own ideas