Lance Dalton
Willingdon School

Creating the convergences suggested in cross-curricular learning in the
curriculum of the New Reform, a competency to be addressed in Physical
Education is to "implement a process aimed at improving his/her
lifestyle, the student analyses the effects of lifestyle and habits on
their health and well-being, takes steps to change the undesirable
habit, and assesses success/lack of, in the changing of the habit"

The objective of this project is to familiarize the participant with
desirable health habits, and with the use of Internet links discover
informative sites to assist in the changing of students’ health habits.

The process includes a questionnaire which the participant
answers to profile their health habits. The answers to these inquiries
will access links which will inform the participant about desirable
habits or alternatively which habits need to be adjusted. Further
outcomes will be determined by efforts to effect the information from
various websites, to follow recommendations pertinent to that
discovery. The participant may visit other Websites which have links,
‘surf’ the search engines on health, exercise, and nutrition. The
participant then has the information to address the habit adjustments in
‘real’ life, e.g. weigh-ins, exercise programs, checking eating choices,
changing body weight, changing exercise patterns, recreational

The links that can be accessed include: